Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 5: Favourite Gigs of '11

In what can only be described as a bloody awesome year of music, I have attended some totally mind-blowing gigs! This has actually included interstate trips....hate to think what I use in terms of an "entertainment" budget! Ha! Oh well, that's what all my hours at work are for - to fund the lifestyle I am accustomed to!

The amazing weekend in July, on the Sunshine Coast, that was Splendour In The Grass tops this list, without any consideration! Of course, three days of music, with the acts featured, is hard to beat. I had such a great weekend!

Sufjan Stevens' show is one that will be remembered eternally. So ridiculously good! An epic musical performance.

Seeing Wally De Backer showcase Making Mirrors at the Gotye album preview was such a treat! Traveling up to Sydney for the weekend for it, and getting to experience the album live, with the animations matched by Wally, all at the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. Awesome!

Portishead and The National were my reasons for going to Harvest, and they surpassed all expectation. In a chilled atmosphere, in the grounds of Werribee Park, this festival was so great, but these two performances on the day were so, so amazing.

They Will Have Their Way, being the live performances of the songs of Neil and Tim Finn, by seven of the most talented Aussie artists. Need I say more?

A couple of these would definitely feature in a review of the Top 5 of all time...but that post would be way too hard! I think gigs in a year could surely be a regular NaBloPoMo feature though!

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