Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dolly Parton

Last night Renee and I, Mum and Melissa went along to see Dolly Parton, on her first tour in Australia for 25 years, and left totally in awe of that tiny, buxom blonde with that incredible voice, and amazing stage presence. What a talent!

Taking our seats at Rod Laver, we were in the upper section, just a couple of rows up. We took in the full arena and the stage set up, as a Southern American accent introduced the night and informed us that we were being filmed for the night, for a DVD release. This guy then took us through some actions to be pre-recorded, cheering and clapping. Random.

But all was forgotten as the lights dimmed, and the stage and band was revealed, and then Dolly herself arrived on stage. All glitzy, sparkly pink dress, big hair and boobs, she was the ultimate entertainer all night, telling stories, making jokes and taking the piss out of herself, whilst delivering full vocal range and playing an array of instruments.

Opening with a cover of Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, which was full of energy. Donning a guitar, the awe-inspiring Jolene was next, and totally amazing - and Dolly joked that she hasn't been able to forget that girl all these years.

Mixing her own songs with some covers all night, sometimes it was tough to remember which were hers! A three-peat of the Beatles' Help, Stone Temple Pilots Shine (amazing!!), and Stairway To Heaven just showed her scope. She told us that when she recorded the Led Zeppelin track she played it to her husband, who was not impressed. Dolly then declared that she hasn't listened to that man for 45 years, so she was hardly going to start then! Ha!

Speaking of her Smokey Mountain homelands, and sharing her family stories about her mother, father, and being one of 12 kids, she gave us bluegrass Tennessee Homesick Blues, Coat of Many Colours and Little Sparrow. Playing a range of banjo, flute, saxophone, guitar, autoharp and piano through the night, she totally amazed with her talents.

All this, plus new songs from her Better Days release. After the interval, she gave us Dusty Springfield's Son of a Preacher Man, and then a rap inspired by Queen Latifah. There was just nothing she couldn't do!

 But then the final 3 songs were the expected highlight, and the reason a lot of people, including us, went to see her. Starting with Here You Come Again, she then had her on stage musical director join her for Islands in the Stream, and then finally 9 To 5. Massive stadium sing-a-long, it was amazing!

Back out with her minders guiding every step off stage, Dolly returned for an encore of the true version of I Will Always Love You. Bless her!

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