Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tacos, China and Georgia Fair

Yesterday after working in the Melbourne office all day, I tried to combine dinner at a new place, followed by two gigs in the one night. Both gigs I wanted to see, both scheduled for the same night, and were at venues kinda close enough to make the dash between sets. And then the set lists of both venues came out and the band times aligned. Worth a shot!

Jessie and I met in Collingwood, along the uber-trendy Gertrude Street, for dinner at Trippy Taco. Battling just to grab two seats in this tiny hole-in-the-wall food spot, we ordered and were served amazing vegetarian 'fresh mex', as they call it. Always packed, this little place was buzzing, and had high through put of satisfied customers.

We then went down the street, to get to The Worker's Club, which as the newly stylised and named venue, I hadn't been to be (course, as the Rob Roy, many-a-times!) The rooms, it's decor and vibe impressed, and the band room is a great space! Heath met us in the band room for a drink, and we watched as The Good China were setting up.  Now, my downfall of my double up gig hit a bump with the delay in the start of their set....but we caught 4 of their songs, including All Nothing and the new single No More Maps, No More Roads, which is a really fun live track, plus 2 new ones, before we made the dash to the next venue.

Car parking in the CBD looked to be our downfall, as we had some stress finding one close enough to the Toff to make the dash for the second set for the night.  Georgia Fair had a sold out album launch, as we found out at the door, for their newly released All Through Winter, and as we worked our way into the steamy and packed band room, we discovered we were just in time!  Perfect!  I found Nicole in the crowd, and we watched the band we first heard last year play to a full adoring crowd.

Playing their most recognized hit early, Picture Frames, the 2 lads played a couple of EP tracks mingled with their album material.  Engagingly chatty with the crowd, they also announced that they have just moved down to our great city of live music.  Times Fly, Float Away stood out, and had a lot of the young crowd into each, as did Time and Baby Blue.  A talented pair, indeed.

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