Monday, November 14, 2011

Towers of Ballarat

We have some seriously beautiful buildings here in Ballarat, with the towers in the sky a standout feature. Possibly because in terms of height they are quite dominating, given our low building height within the city, but also the fairly unique colonial look makes these views even more eye-catching.

This one is in Lydiard Street, which is the old Post Office, but now part of the University of Ballarat, Arts school.

The Town Hall has had a refreshing clean up this year, and now stands tall and proud over Sturt Street in it's full gray granite splendour.

All within a few blocks of each other, these historic towers form the visual icons of our country Victorian town.

The turret at Craig's Hotel is probably not one of the ones featured in the view of the skyline, but beautiful nonetheless. This is Lydiard Street South, a street so pretty, well preserved and maintained.

This over-abundance of gorgeous lamppost may be my source of such a fascination when I travel! Mystery solved!

The other tall turret which you can see when looking across Ballarat from a number of vantage points is the tower at the Ballarat Railway Station. White and lovely, this building is surely a site missed by most as the gateway for many visitors and commuters.

NaBloPoMo always makes me look around me for things to blog about, and my fair city really does have some features going for it. Of course, cheap rent, it's closeness to Melbourne, and half of my family here also count!

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