Saturday, November 26, 2011


Last night I went along to the sold out Boy & Bear show at The Palace. Having been ditched by my gig buddy for another gig, I ended up going on my Pat Malone, and arrived towards the start of the opening act.

Paper Kites were up first, and whilst a match musically for the night, nothing really stood out about them. Bell Park Music were next, to the filling cavernous venue, and had a lot of people singing and dancing along with them.

To the packed house, Boy & Bear arrived on stage, and opened with their debut album opener Lordy May. Right from the start the sound of this indie rock band with their harmonies filled the venue, and it was clear that they have become a much loved band with the crowd. Tracks like Golden Jubilee and Blood To Gold were huge, and the lovely My Only One and Big Man were beautiful.

The biggest sing-a-long for the night was their cover of Fall at Your Feet, but it was clear that their album has been purchased and loved by most of the packed room, with good reactions for Milk & Sticks and my favourite Part Time Believer.

EP track Rabbit Song was massive, with the whole theater joining them. The band admitted that songs like this have grown an entity of itself with fans after them playing it for the past year, and that it has now become so well known that they had messed up a bit of it last night, but that the crowd knew the right arrangement and verse.

Ending with Feeding Line, after explaining that they haven't ever and won't do an encore, the crowd did not leave disappointed. They were so amazing, and deserve the recognition for the work they have put in this year, at the ARIAs on the weekend.

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