Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 5: Favourite Albums of '11

What an amazing year for album releases this year! So much great music set free for our listening pleasure. I have had a playlist on the go, adding to with each release, and that is now 23.4 hours of listening joy!

Of course, that's obviously not every musical album release of 2011 worldwide, so I am taking this annual post while watching the ARIA Awards this year, as my "Favourite" rather than best. I mean, there are loads of albums I haven't heard, or ones that didn't grab me enough to purchase. But still, I think these 5 are pretty amazing and rate at the best for me!

Gotye's Making Mirrors is by far my favourite album of the year, and the one I rave about the most. The journey through these 12 songs, from the highs of new love, to the hurt and confusion of lost love, to the depths of depression and finding your way out. And then right in the middle is the ode to music of today, with State Of The Art, ha! It's brilliant, and Wally is reaping in all the accolades that he deserves, with surely more to come in the next year with this album.

The first album purchased this year, from The Decemberists, was always going to rate high, even at first listen. The King Is Dead takes their indie folk rock sounds to new levels with their rustic sounds and storytelling. It's brilliant.

Moonfire. Boy & Bear. Need I say more? Ha! Scooping 5 ARIAs tonight, this album follow up to that amazing 5-track EP is just a dream of indie rock. Coming from Triple J's Unearthed process, and then emerging with their Crowded House cover last year, the album this year has raised them into the consciousness of most Aussie - and surely most Aussie's now after tonight's awards!

Aussie female supergroup Seeker Lover Keeper's self-titled album is a collaboration of harmonic joy of the talent in this country right now, in terms of singer/songwriters, and musicians. Seeker Lover Keeper has come to life in the gigs I have been to of these lovely ladies this year, and it a real thing of beauty.

The Great Impression, being the sophomore album for Sparkadia has been one of my most listened to albums of the year, and one that I love. AB's pop songs round out this count for me.

Missing from this list are albums from Oh Mercy, Architecture In Helsinki, The Dears, Feist, the second albums for Florence + The Machine, and of course Adele. Just too many for a list of 5!

A very Aussie view of albums for me really, with a host of amazing live performances bringing many of the these albums to life for me. Again, there has been so much talent unleashed this year!

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  1. I left off the Jezebels album for the extra mentions - which is ridiculous, because it is AMAZING!


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