Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hairy Canary

Last night's Project drinks, we hand picked a bar to be in line with a birthday drinks Springer had planned, to mark final her acceptance of her 30th last month. For reasons soon to be blooged about, just a small handful of people were around in the office, and thus after a few beers, it was MJ and I who walked down Little Collins Street to find Hairy Canary.

We found Springer, and Skinner, and co, positioned at a great table, and being afforded great table service. We soon tucked into more beers, as we exchanged stories from our crazy week. The evening seemed to go very fast, with table service.

The group started to make the move to Brunswick for the next destination. MJ and I moved to drop some things off at hers, and spotted Gin Palace just steps away, and popped in for another drink. This was a previous Project bar, and was quite packed last night, with a good feel.

As we were there, we got news that the next destination was closed, and getting very late, MJ and I found somewhere in town to eat, before calling it quits after a strange week!

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