Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Missing London

Last week the London Xmas lights were turned on, and it's pics like this that make me miss London...just a tiny bit.

My Xmas over there, and especially our White Xmas was a highlight of my time in the UK and Europe.

Jessie also sent us a parcel which arrived this week, and so I am sitting here eating Percy Pigs! One of my favourite things of London! Now if only I can get someone to send me the Xmas special sandwich from Pret, with the brie and cranberry, and maybe a Love Bar too, I would be set food wise!

And Jessie is there. I would love to see Jessie!

But I don't for a second miss the darkness. The ice cold wind in your face as you walk to anywhere. The long ride on the tube to work. The amount of people rushing through the tube stations, and crammed onto the tube. Ew!

It was just a little pang.....


  1. You do realise that photo of the lights was taken at noon don't you.... You're not missing much, even Pret has gone to the dogs since it changed ownership. Charlie

  2. Forget London! It's all about Roland Garros, May 2010 sister!!!

  3. Noon! Ha! Of course. And yet, you are still there, Charlie, still living the dream....

    It's all about the Open now, Miss Jessie!


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