Saturday, November 07, 2009


For the last 3 months, I have been travelling up and down the Western Highway, "helping out" the Ballarat office, after their Psych Consultant resigned, for 2 to 3 days per week. As my caseload as grown more variety with this change, and with working in a more relaxed, friendly and stress-less working environment, and tossing up the pros and cons, I have indicated my interest to move back to my hometown. I will offically be a Ballarat office employee on the 16th of this month.

I have shocked myself, really, as I actually didn't think I would return home...unless I was going home to make babies! And yet, here I am, looking at rental properties, thinking about what kind of car to buy, and how I will build my social life back in the 'Rat.

The work has includes a promotion of level, which I probably was going to get anyway, a non-event payrise (read, not worth it), but lets me work with Jo again, and returns me to a small work office, not drowning in a toxic culture.

I did actually look at the idea of buying a place, which I know I will never be able to do in Melbourne on my own, but it turns out I am not ready for that grown up and scary step. All good.

I love Melbourne, and all it has to offer. And my life here. My friends, music gigs, the endless events, the footy, amazing places to eat...everything at your doorstep. I really do think it's the best city to live in.

I know that I will be up and down the highway for the footy most weekends, and perhaps in-between for gigs.

Here's hoping I don't get bored in 5 minutes, that I can find a pretty or ultra modern place to live for a year, and reclaim the life side of the work/life balance. Get some sanity back, enjoy my job for longer than a 2 day window at a time, and not regret this big move home.

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  1. Nice! The pay rises we psychs get is nothing, eh? I've been working in health for a year today and will go up a level...which is probably an increase of a few dollars. Sigh.


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