Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keep Your Friends Close

And The Basics closer! Last night The Basics returned to Melbourne after a stint working on their album release overseas, to officially launch that new album, Keep Your Friends Close.

Mary, Nicole, Mel and I met for dinner at Mexicali Rose, before getting down to The Corner. When we entered a hoodie clad lad with sunglasses was on stage. Wally later filled us in that the Boy Who Cried Wolf was in fact Jordie Lane.

Summer Edmunds was up next, in a set that started with promise with strong vocals, but seemed to lose much of the crowds attention. As the stage was prepared for the change over, we made our way to the front of the stage, for optimum viewing, and dancing room.

As the lights went down to just stage, and the percussion of the opening track of the album Fear Of Failure, the boys emerged on stage, complete with new matching suits. Looking very good, Kris launched into the first, very powerful track, to set the mark for the evening.

What Do You See In Me? was next, before Kris really commandeered the stage with his mesmerising vocals, and personal pain, for The Day Mairead Goes Away, and The Executioner.

The boys were joined on stage by 4 others, bringing a full sound to many of the tracks, including the sax. With This Ship, a track you can imagine being tough to reproduce live on stage, was awesome, and drew the most crowd participation.

The No 1 Cause Of Death Among Youth Today is such a great track, with the emotional building, the pain and then the hope. Love it! It was sensational last night. Kris really shone on stage last night, as he does on this album.

Home Again and Keep The Doors Open brought us back to Wally's amazing vocal range, and musical talent on drums. The harmonies of the three lads, plus Simon and Dave on stage, were gorgeous.

A solo by Tim for Trouble In His Head, and lastly Kris' cathartic All Or Nothing rounded out the album, with Like A Brother thrown in there. It's such a great album!

After a short break, to allow Wally to get his breath back it seemed, the boys returned for some older favourites, like Have Love, Will Travel, and the calypso feeling Second Best. A decision from Wally had them play Rattle My Chain, and then ending with a cover of Cocaine - what a great show!

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