Thursday, November 19, 2009

Live Alone

I am housesitting at Jo's house this week, while she is away on a much deserved break. I was a little nervous about living on my own again, even for the week, not sure if I would like it again.

I haven't lived alone since my last place in Hawthorn, just before deciding to pack up and move to London. Since then, I have lived in the big sharehouses of London, in Kilburn and Wimbledon. Then coming home, after a time of dossing here and there, it was with one other person in the share arrangement.

That said, though, I guess there have been large periods of time when Jane was away for work, and both Jane and Jen, and I, have operated frequently as mere ships in the night with our respective questionable work/life balance!

But having just one other person is actually really lovely. Someone to come home to, tell your crazy work stories to, and listen to theirs from another working world sphere. Someone to just hang out with.

But with the prospect and planning to move back to Ballarat, the idea of getting a place on my own is certainly what I am looking for. So this week has been a little reminder of how that works, and a little reassurance that I could still do the solo living and not drive myself bonkers!

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  1. I lived by myself for the first time when I moved into my current place...from mid-August this year till three weeks ago when I got a flatmate to help out with expenses. I quite enjoyed the solo living even though I missed having that someone to come home to and talk about work and stuff. Having said that, my flatmate at the moment is not home most days when I get home...and I tend to be in bed by the time she's it's kinda the same with just more stuff around the house! :P


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