Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top 5: Play Counts

I am usually totally obsessed by my playcounts on iTunes, and more recently on But I have just bought a new laptop and I will be transferring all my music across to I am assuming I will lose my count.

I have had my iPod since July 2007, I think, and so my top 5 bands, which actually make up my top 10 tracks are:

The Basics come in at one and two with Rattle My Chain and Have Love, Will Travel. They also come in 6 and 7 with Just Hold On and I Don't Need Another.

Goyte comes in at 3 with Learnalilgivilanlovin. Such a great track!

Four and 5 are Wasted and Stranger, by Angus and Julia Stone. These two siblings dominated my iTunes for such a long time since the release of A Book Like This, and will probably do so again come March, when their next release is due. Just A Boy rounds out the 10.

All Nothing by The Good China is currently at 8, with such a fun, happy and catchy indie pop song.

My favourite Oh Mercy song is the track at 9, being Salvation Jane. From a Demo they released some time ago, but had added to their regular setlist again with a change of drummer. The word play in this one, as with many of their tracks, is sublime.

Ohhh, this totally captures my music taste as a snapshot of right now, and the last 2 and a half years. I guess a reset will be interesting, but my scrobbles on will continue the count.

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