Friday, November 06, 2009

La Vita Buona

Tonight, after a long crazy week, Katie arrived on the doorstep at work and insisted that I take her to Horse Bazaar, a previous Project destination, all in the name of research for uni. So we popped down and had a beer there, so she could get a feel for the place.

Our actual Project 2009 drinks bar this week, however, was in City Square, adjacent to the big Xmas tree, called La Vita Buona. Mary, MJ and I convened there, at an outside table, to discuss the events of the day.

We sat at a wine barrel, were afforded table service, and were sitting out in a bustling Swanston Street, next to a rowdy Three Below next door. This bar was quiet, with a small interior with little intimate booths, sweets selections, and deli options apparently!

Friendly service, and the novelty of sitting outside as dusk descended held promise of the Friday Summer nights ahead.

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