Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Trying to be a Psychologist

I gave up my day of sleeping in and rest today, being Melbourne Cup day, to put in a day reading applications for Assessments Australia. The applications are for aide funding for children with special needs, in the government schools of Victoria.

Tapping into my uni studies in disability and psychological assessment and educational supports, and also all that hands-on related work I have done....I always walk away from this work questioning what I am doing in OR (Occupational Rehabilitation). It always stirs up the 'what do I want to be when I grow up' question.

Earlier this year I had started the Supervision and submitting a Plan to the Board process, to work on being registered as a Psychologist. But I have been disheartened, again, by the rejection of my Plan, with a million little comments for change and modification to my job, duties and projected reading and skill development for the next two years. Plus the talk in psych circles of the increasing difficulties of getting a Plan approved, and the push towards further formal studies.

I feel ill just thinking about more study, and am reminded of this post...and yet, maybe this is the only way. Which is another thing to put in the 'too hard' basket for now!

Reading reports about kids in school, and their quirky idiosyncrasies, like the tendency to seek out corners at Kinda to pee in, or only eating pasta with sauce but cracking it if the sauce is actually on the pasta to start with, or insisting on discussions only about train timetables, reminds me that Educational psych is still a major interest of mine.

But then I have good patches at work, and feeling like I am actually doing something. I know that OR is not for me for the long haul.... Work, and other people's jobs, is nothing something I am passionate about. And yet, helping someone get their lives back together after an injury, or a non-work related illness, or an issue at work, can also be quite amazing.

Hmmm, maybe I need to try a new tact on the 2009 Husband Find, and stop worry about all this. A ha ha, as if....

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  1. Oh...the supervision pathway sounds hard in Vic. Didn't think it was that hard here in NSW from what I heard from others. Do you ever consider doing further studies though? OR doesn't interest me either (even though I haven't worked in it). Are you interested in disabilities? I thought I wanted to work in schools but I find I'm now more drawn towards mental health (for kids and adolescents) and of course, still love my psychometric assessments. Good luck with it all...including 2009 Husband Find! :)


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