Friday, November 20, 2009

Institut China

Last night, after a drive back from Ballarat, I picked up Nicole on the way through to The Empress, where we had a great pub dinner. Hearing the sound check from the other room, Mel and her husband Neil joined us. Now, I haven't seen Mel, I don't think, since high school, but through the wonders of Facebook, I had introduced her to The Good China, and sent her an invite for tonight.

As we wrapped up our meals, we made our way to the bandroom, where Institut Polaire played their set. This evening was actually part of their residency this month, however they didn't explain how they managed to be bumped in the headlining stakes for this gig. There was a track I recognised from the last time we saw them, but I did actually enjoyed them more this time. A better listen, perhaps!

Now the reason for the dash back to the city was really to see The Good China, having missed their last 2 gigs as they had clashed with The Basics. A very hot and steamy Empress saw the 8 Chinas grace the tiny stage with some challenges, such as the heat of the lighting, but surely with the numbers up there too.

Opening with No More Maps, No More Roads, they treated us to The Couch Song, as well as the reworked Perversion For Profit. Ryan graced the lead vocals for Turn The Page, and introduced their The Cure cover (which was awesome!), as a tool they used to impress the Canberra crowd on tour.

All Nothing, with it's requisite hand clap participation, and If Pain Persists. A little cameo roadie gig for Oh Mercy;s Eliza, assisting Mit with her clarinet. 39 Black is still a favourite of mine. Love the Chinas!

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