Friday, November 27, 2009

Top 5: Bars In Melbourne

With the Project 2009 winding down for the year in terms of regular organised bar destinations, given Xmas parties and work functions for the rest of our working Friday nights, we have actually found some great beverage venues this year. Little tucked away hole-in-the-wall, down little alleyways we never knew existed, very cool and themed bar concepts.

The Canary Club has been my favourite find of the year. Great mezzanine, gorgeous booths, attentive and friendly table service, amazing sangria and tapas. Totally worth walking down the toilet smelling Melbourne Place to find!

Section 8 is a bar I should have known about, one I had heard about, but had not been to until it was drawn from the bar secrets pack for the week. A shipping container, a load of woodern pallet crates to sit on, a portable looking bar, and the wire cage creates an atmoshpere in the middle of the city buildings around it. Summer, it's perfect, but for winter they put up a shed-stype roof, for a whole other feel to the place.

Although it wasn't a Friday night drinking destination on the invite list, a few of us went to the opening of Campari House, which certainly makes it to this list of bars for the year. This bar has the versitility of dining and drinks out in Hardware Lane, booth style private drinks possibility, and a gorgeous rooftop bar, complete with astro turf.

Cabinet was a destination that had just two of us attend on the week it was drawn...and yet I think this little tucked away place is such a find! A balcony overlooking the bustling Swantson Street, and it's collection of table clusters and decor, make it a place to pop into for a quite one.

Gin Palace and Croft Institute are squeezing in as a joint mention on the list of 5 (and 5a perhaps!) GP for it's dark, ornate interior, with it's clusters of seats, and friendly and cheeky bar staff. Not for it's prices, alas. The Croft for it's novelty theme, and it's hidden-ness in an alley off an alley off a lane of inner CBD Melbourne.


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