Wednesday, November 25, 2009


You know how a big, life changing decision comes out of the blue? It lands at your feet, and you look at it for a bit, and then pick it up, and it just feels right? One such thought has hit me in the last couple of weeks.....and it's taking force!
So, I attended an Information Session this afternoon, at the University of Melbourne. For the Master of Social Work.

I had actually found inspiration for this, the thought of it, from a blog I stumbled upon on the Randomiser on NaBloPoMo. She's doing what I want to be doing!

This feels like the answer to the 'what do I want to be when I grow up' question. I mean, I am a Social Worker, working as a Psychologist, registered and recognised as neither. I need professional registration of some form. This feels like the way to get that, do some learning again, and jump into a profession that I am, and can be, passionate about.

I was actually hoping that they would talk me out of this big idea today! I told them that, too! But they told me that my background would be advantage for the course, that I would do well given my experience, and clearly they could see 'research student potential' written on me. They were really encouraging, and supportive, and informative - but also real about how this course would work for people in the real world, ie people who have to work to pay the rent, feed themselves, etc. That is refreshing!


  1. That's a jump...esp given the whole psychologist-social worker relatioshiop (There's a joke about how we don't get along...and in some cases, they don't)

    Hope you enjoy it if you do go ahead with it...

  2. Do you think? I always see myself sitting somewhere in between, and the social change and social policy has always appealed more.

    Am working on the bits for my application....we'll see if I get in!

  3. Just saw this. Hope you are following your dreams!

    1. Ha! I sure am! Just 2 more subjects to go, and I will have completed this Masters! And I have really enjoyed it!


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