Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top 5: Favourite Pubs

There are some top pubs in Melbourne. Good food, good music, easy feel to the place are the requirements, of course.

The Corner - the music venue of choice, for the intimate feel and yet big enough bandroom crowd potential for a great gig. Pulls great artists, including up and coming finds. But then, the upstairs rooftop beer garden, with the views of the city over the train track, is amazing. Plus great food!

The Empress - my local, and a pub where I have made many stunning music discoveries. Awesome pub menu, and the parma is big and worth driving across town for! Great feel to the pub, too. Can do no wrong!

The Evelyn - great bandroom, and band pulling power....and venue for music discoveries. Brunswick Street, so easy as to get to.

Drunken Poet - Jessie and Heath's old local. A little hole in the world, Irish pub. Run and owned by Siobhan, a sweet Irish girl, who takes the time to chat, and get to know who you are. An easy place to be, and you can sit out on the footpath on perfect days. Also has Bulmers!

The Retreat - mainly for the astro turf beer garden! Sitting out there on the fake grass in summer, with a jug of beer, is perfect! Usually packed, but worth the battle to get a good spot. Also awesome menu and eggplant parma.

Of course, completing our pub crawl routes have actually helped us find many amazing, tucked away pubs. Gems really!

Now the challenge will be to find good pubs in Ballarat, the town with a pub on every corner, a pub for every week, with change!

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  1. I went to the Evelyn when i was in Melb earlier this year - cool place. Will have to visit these other pubs when i'm there again in 2 weeks, or when i move next year. :)


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