Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top 5: Albums This Year

In the spirit of the ARIAs, of which I am watching as I write, I thought I would share my favourite albums of the year. Given that I don't actually listen to the radio, and find my music through recommendations from others, recommendations from and my 'friends' on there, with a find at a gig, or just pure loyalty with my Aussie bands, my picks are quite different to those getting statues tonight. Although a couple have nominations.

No surprise, given my ravings, and gig attendance frequency over the last couple of years, that The Basics' Keep Your Friends Close. The pain, and angst delivered in these tracks is just disarming. They are so great live, such a talent. And the sweet!

As Day Follow Night by Sarah Blasko. This album totally feels like home for me. I feel like it's spot on with how I feel, and where I am at in life. The fact that Ms Blasko is about my age, and thus the same level of life experience opportunities under her belt, really comes through in these 12 tracks for me. She's just lovely! OH! And she just won Best Female Artist! See! Even mainstream Australia appreciates her!

The Temper Trap and their Conditions. Just amazing. Seeing them at the start of this year, as support for Franz Ferdinand, and then seeing and hearing them soar on to international radars. Very impressive. But what's more impressive is that voice!

The Privileged Woes of Oh Mercy. Or possibly their EP before that, In The Nude For Love, has best the most joy for me. From seeing them play a tiny, nothing gig 18 months ago, to noting their efforts with supporting every band possible, touring their butts off, working so hard. Our little lads and Eliza from Carlton.

I was obsessed with Little Birdy's Confetti release, with total anticipation before it's release, to hanging to see them live for the first time. Katy was a sensation. So good.

Discoveries for me for the year have been The Decemberists, and just this week, Florence + The Machine. Secrets And Lies, by Bertie Blackman should definately get a mention, too, for this collection of musical thoughts.

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