Monday, November 19, 2012

Back To School

One of my favourite food finds in Toronto happened on my very last weekend there - always the way, isn't it! I followed the recommendation found on Crystal-Clear, and took Katie and Kylie on a trek to get there.

This find was also part of a quest to find a good brunch spot in the city, after a few disappointments. Of course, during the week leading to this last weekend one of my work colleagues gave me a massive list of places for brunch which she recommended. Oops! Just too late to get to them all.

School, however, made up for my other brunch fails.  Up near Dufferin in the West, we earnt our meals by walking up there, in the sun and humidity.

The restaurant is in full theme, with so many great and quirky details, and was packed on the morning we were there. The waitresses are in school uniforms, there are clocks adorning one wall, pages of school work hanging from the light fittings, and the drinks are served in beakers! So cool!

The food is amazing. Completely taken in by Crystal's review, I chose the toasted stuffed croissant with trout and scrambled eggs - it was a deal with that photo of hers and the hollandaise!

The counters all had loads of baked treats to choose from too, which we somehow managed to resist.  With the brunch menu served until 4pm on the weekends, I am so sad to have not discovered this place earlier!

Loved the attention to theme in the detail, the fast service, and the range of choices on the menu. I think it would be worth going here for Detention, too, and checking our their cocktail list!

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