Monday, November 26, 2012

Radelaide '12

Another end to a rather huge five days has come around again.  The second test match at Adelaide Oval this calendar year ended in a draw, with the full range of emotions and possibilities during the days play, to end without the required wickets to seal an Australian win.

Day 1 was the cricket highlight, with an amazing day for Australian batting.  The crew headed to the Queens Head for a rather large night of wine and catching up with everyone back in town for this one reason to be in Radelaide.

Chick Pink Day 2 had the Waving The Flag girls, and a couple of blokes, wear our pink shirts - very easy to spot within the ground. That night Sheila HQ held the now traditional Blender Party, which is always a fun and usually a very large night.

With much of the ground a construction zone, the Adelaide Oval will never look quite the same after this year.  This week you could sit in the Members and see past the trees to the city, and then all the way to the hills. Next year will look completely different with the staged plans for the new stands.

Our much anticipated Do It In A Dress day was on Day 3, and it was so exciting to see so many of our group get behind the cause.  Such a fun day!

This week away for us is a chance for the travelling group of cricket fans to catch up during one of the home tests, swap travelling and cricket stories, meet others from past tours, and for the new Flaggers from the tour in the West Indies this year to meet the growing regular crowd.

The Australians and South Africans go into the next match of the three test series at a 0-0 draw, and the crowd of the highest ranking team up for grabs.  For us, it's time to rest up, as the plans for the next year's Radelaide all ready being discussed. 


  1. It certainly was an exciting test match. Wish I could have been there to experience it.

    1. You definitely need to experience a test at RADelaide - a bucket list item, for sure!

  2. ugh. That's why test cricket is soooooooooooo frustrating.

    1. Ahhhh, still loads better than the most awesome day at work! Ha!


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