Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big Kids in New York City

Besides all the regular sights to be seen in New York City, we managed to get to the three much talked and anticipated fun things to do, which allowed the three of us to bring out our inner kid!

One of the things Katie was most excited about was M&M World, which we found in Times Square.  Essentially, this store is four floors filled with M&M merchandise  and walls and walls of every colour M&M you could ever possibly imagine. Apart from the ads with the peanut and regular M&Ms talking, I didn't fully realise the scope of the characters of the brand, but a visit to this store had that rectified, in full visual overload!

So excited to fill a bag of little chocolate morsels for the rest of our visit to NYC, there are some pretty awesome flavours available from the walls and walls of M&M towers. Yum!

Another treat for the kid within was a visit to Lego World at Rockefellar Plaza - apparently the largest Lego store in the world.  Like M&M, here we found a wall of colour segregated Lego pieces for purchase, just like a pick and mix!

But the best bit of the store for us was checking out the countless models around the walls, and the Lego dragon weaving it's way through the walls and roof, in and out of the rooms of the store.  The streetscapes in Lego miniture were my favourite, with NYC streets, and a complete model of the Rockafellar Plaza we had just walked through.

One of the must dos that I was keen to make sure the girls got to see on our visit was the Big Piano, from the movie we watched as we were growing up.  The massive keyboard Tom Hanks played on in the movie is as FAO Schwartz  just near the top west corner of Central Park.

The toy store itself is amazing to wander through, and you could play in there for hours.  The Big Piano is upstairs and towards the back of the store, and once you have taken off your shoes, you can have a jump around and play a tune, just like in the movie! We were most definitely not the only big kids doing this! Such fun!

New York City really does have it all, something for absolutely everyone!

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  1. I didn't go to any of these stores in NYC but went to M&M World in London and the giant toy store in Oxford St too. Great post, love the colours


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