Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top 5: Play Count '12

Posting about my play count on my iTunes this year was actually an annual post I was going to skip this year - but with the pressures of NaBloPoMo clashing again with deadlines of final essays for uni, I will need to proceed!

I was going to leave this post this year, as there doesn't seem like a whole lot of change in my top 5 artists listened to according to the faithfully logged plays on iTunes from last year.  I blame the death of my much loved iPod companion in the middle of this year. Easily my most reliable and important relationship over the last 5 years, and it breaks down right when I am not working and earning to replace it, and at a time when I am walking to work everyday and travelling a lot.

Without my music collection in my pocket at the ready at all times, I have had to endure crying children on planes, weird conversations on streetcars and trains and waiting gates, and traffic and construction noise. Then I had issues with the replacement, and the replacement's replacement, so hopefully I have a new trusty companion again now!

Seeker Lover Keeper is still my most played track, with their gorgeous Even Though I'm A Woman, miles ahead of anything else!  Still love it!

Second artist is Gotye, and sees Learnalilgivinanlovin again at number 2 on the count.  A couple of his songs from his 2011 album round out the top 10 songs, with my 2 favourites from Making Mirrors, being Easy Way Out and Save Me

Sparkadia is the next artist on the playlist, with the older Too Much To Do coming in at place number 3, with Still Can't Make Up My Mind from last year's release making it in at number 10.

Oh Mercy is the fourth artist of my top play count this year, and there are three tracks in the top 10 from Great Barrier Grief.  Mercy Valley and Stay Please Stay are pegged at songs 4 and 5, and Confessions is number 9.

Florence and The Machine finishes my top 5 artists based on play counts, with Howl at 6.

So there are 4 songs the same as this list last year, and 4 of the same 5 artists. And fairly well established counts, to be fair. I would really need to flog a new album for it to climb into this list with any speed.

The new music of 2012 that I am loving the most has actually been released at this later end of the year, so maybe they will feature in this list next year, through times of commuting, travels ahead, and my love of the shuffle feature!

These pictures are from the streets of Toronto - street art is such a wealth of stock photos for random posts! Love it! A bloggers eye should always be alert!

Right, off to start my second essay of the last weekend of my MSW (fingers-crossed)!


  1. I agree - a blogger's eye should always be open. I love your street art pics.
    I also love seeker lover keeper and may listen to it tonight.
    Mg most played, on a guess, would be Darren Hayes Secret Codes and Battleships album, followed by Kings Of Leon's Because of the Times and Bob Evans' cover EP.

    1. Thanks! There is really so much to be found and admired!
      Still in love with that SLK album!


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