Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brighton Beach Houses

The pretty, colourful beach houses along Brighton Beach are often listed as sights and icons of Melbourne - although this time whilst I was housesitting in Brighton was only the second time I have even been down to see them.

They are a decent way out of the city, a long train ride or drive down the bay, so easily a day trip.

My first weekend of my 2 week housesitting gig I walked down to the beach and all the way along Middle Brighton to find the Beach Houses.  A sunny Spring day, there were plenty of people along the sand, soaking up the much missed sun.

Each house has it's own colourful and distinctive design, with a couple in a state of renovation.  According to the Brighton Beach House Association, these 82 houses remain as they originally were, in that they have timber framing, weatherboards and corrugated iron roof, with no amenities hooked up to them.  They are also painted to guidelines, so the row retains it's character. The houses are used as change and storage facilities.

This morning I said goodbye to this beautiful neighbourhood, and the gorgeous house I was sitting, as my time there is up. This is certainly not an area of Melbourne I would even imagine being able to live in, so this was such a treat to live the lives of someone else for two weeks!


  1. They're so pretty and remind me of Seachabge. What a good experience

    1. Oh, I have never watched Seachange, didn't realise they were featured!
      Totally an area of Melbourne I know very little about. South of the river is VERY confusing! Ha!

  2. I thought you were talking about Brighton in the UK here, not Brighton Australia! These remind me of the beach houses we have in the UK - there were loads where I used to go on holiday as a kid (Paignton) but alas my family never owned one as we only spent one week a year there. Loving the design and colours :)

    1. Ohhh, I don't remember coloured beach houses in Brighton UK...are they along near the pier?


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