Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Home of Cricket's Photo of the Year Competition 2012

I have just discovered that I do not take nearly enough photos of the people around us, and the cricket itself, when we are at the cricket, all around the world! Loads of photos of us having a great time....but clearly I need to focus my lens on some more aspects of the experience!

Going through this years set of photos from the West Indies with the MCC-Wisden Photo of the Year Competition in mind, I have pulled these ones out as my best shots, but they only really capture such a small aspect of the experience of the trip!

Chirpy, the Kiddy Cricket Mascot in Barbados (above), joined the kids at lunch for a bat and a bowl, and then some general mischief on the ground at Kensington Oval. A source of much amusement as we attempted to track down our rotis and mac pie.  Those kids are the future of West Indian cricket, and they had a great stint out on the ground that day.

The photo above is the view of Queens Park, in Port of Spain, Trinidad, from the top of the opposite side of the ground to where we were sitting.  Such an amazing view - we had lunch up here to take in the mountains and play.

Capturing the excitement felt and shown by the Dominicans at the fact that they had Test Match Cricket on their island nation home, was impossible. The grins, the greetings and meetings of the locals. Having a rum with them at the bar, and talking about cricket days of old, and their love of the game.

The view from ground level of the Party Stand at Windsor Park below, also captured our hearts.  The Shillingford Stand, full of local cheers, is a sight to be seen, as play is ready under the glorious sunshine.

Which photos will you submit?  Prizes of £ and a camera will come in very handy for the back to back Ashes in 2013!

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