Monday, November 12, 2012

Jus The New Burgers In Town

There is a new burger place in Melbourne town, and can be found along Chapel Street in South Yarra. Jus Burger is originally from Perth, and the brain-child of a well trained and travelled chef.  With four locations in the West, this one is Melbourne has just arrived, and we checked it out last week for dinner.

With 4 of us, we were each able to sample a different burger, getting a good idea of what was on offer. Heath ordered the Roo Burger, and later claimed it was the most flavoursome burger he had ever had! Jessie had the Cheeseburger with Blue Cheese, and when it arrived at our table she wondered if she would be needing a spoon, given the abundance of House Made Aioli and Relish. When she finished, she was more than satisfied with the amount of blue cheese present. Melissa ordered the Pancetta Chicken, which included fresh pineapple. To even things out I picked the Turkish Beef, which featured Tahini Yoghurt and Middle Eastern Slaw. Yum!

Having perused the menu beforehand, we had read good things about the sides, and thus ordered the Fresh Cut Chips, and the Onion Rings.  Not usually a fan of fried up onion, these were fresh, big and delicious, and actual onions. May have just changed my thoughts on the concept!

With Jus Burger's policy of sourcing local produce, the beef comes from Gippsland, with the lamb, chicken and roo all Victorian grown, hormone free and grain fed.  So you know it's good!

They also have a No Freezer policy, so everything is fresh that day, which is a whole new level of comfort in your order!  Nothing dodgy here!

Jessie and Heath were even pretty impressed that their sparkling mineral water and lemonade was locally sourced, from Daylesford, rather than from somewhere overseas.  It's the little details that matter!

I was pretty impressed by the murals along the walls inside, although we dined at the tables outside, at the start of the gorgeous barmy Melbourne evenings.

A sign in the window told us that Jus Burger is open til 4am on Fridays and Saturdays, and with the burgers a little more than a handful with all the filling, that's going to be messy!  But with a great lunch special, and their reasonable menu prices, this is a burger place to trek down to the Commercial Road end of Chapel for!

We were guests of Jus Burger, through a Social Callout, but the views and quotes were all our own!


  1. Ah that's another thing I miss about Melbourne, good burgers! Jealous!


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