Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Winter I Chose Happiness

Another album this year that I have been unable to stop listening to since it's release is Clare Bowditch's The Winter I Chose Happiness.  I was very keen to see it played live, and even grabbed the ticket whilst I was still away.

After being invited away for the weekend, and finding I would fly on the Friday afternoon, I was in all sorts about missing the show on that night.  However, in an ask/seek-and-you-shall-find moment, I posted my need to sell that ticket on Twitter, and Ms Bowditch herself helped share the plea.  I managed to sell that ticket, and snaffle one for the Thursday show.  All was right in the world!  And my love of Clare grew a little more!

I found my way to the Regal Ballroom in Northcote, grabbed a glass of red, and took a spot behind the tables in the room.  How gorgeous is this venue!

The support for the night were The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band, a 1920s jazz band, complete with bango and lead singer in a cute flapper outfit.  They filled this space with joy and fun - a perfect start to the night! 

When Clare snuck out onto the stage, she had her hair pulled back, and played the amazing and powerful Amazing Life.

Taking her hair out, and bringing the band on stage, the show then took off.  The songs that I am loving from the album were brought to life on stage, like One Little River and Your Love Walks With Me.  Clare explained that so many of the people who braved being in her clip for Thin Skin were in the audience.

Of her past albums, she gave us the beautiful Lucky Life dedicated to her children and the parenting experience.  A cheeky You Looked So Good was for all those who had to get up and go to work the next day, and she also pulled out the Casio for Start Of War, which she explained was inspired by and written in Berlin.

Clare's message on the album, and on the night, was about finding your happy, and following your dreams.  At a couple of points in the night she had the lights turned down, and encouraged people to yell out their dreams for the year ahead.

I love that seeing a new album live allows an artist to share with you the full context from which it was written.  Clare opened The One even more for me with her intro, and then introducing the co-writer of The Big Happy made the story come to life.

You Make Me Happy to end the night, and send us all home happy and feeling great about ourselves! Ms Bowditch's mission was complete!

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