Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do It In A Dress At RADelaide

Yesterday was our Do It In A Dress day at the cricket in Adelaide - about 20 of us Sheilas and Blokes wore school dresses to raise money to help fund girls in Africa access schooling.

Getting to and around Adelaide Oval dressed in school dresses got plenty of attention, and loads of donations.  Unfortunately, as we didn't have an official permit we couldn't be as open about it at the ground as we had planned, otherwise we certainly would have raised a lot more.

I will post more photos up over here, but at current count we have raise enough to fund almost 26 girls in Sierra Leone to go to school - that's pretty amazing!  Thanks to everyone who has donated, and to all the Sheilas and Blokes In A Dress for getting behind this great cause.  You can still contribute and make a difference here.


  1. well done Tash. You guys have raised heaps. Impressive :D

    1. 26.5 girls! Pretty impressed with the effort too!
      Plus I have to contents of the tin we were not supposed to have on the day....awesome!


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