Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top 5: Favourite Albums '12

Even though I have not been home to watch the ARIAs tonight, today is the day for my annual post about albums of the year.  Albums for me, my favourites, given that I could not have possibly listened to every album released all around the world this year.  But here are my favs from the year...

Bertie Blackman's Pope Innocent X is my favourite release of this year.  Love it's edginess, and Cannot wait to see her as support for Gotye next weekend here in Melbourne.

Next up is The Winter I Chose Happiness, Clare Bowditch's album that I have not been able to stop listening to since it's release.  It has so much joy and so many life's lessons among the lyrics. Love it.

Something For Kate's Leave Your Soul To Science comes in as third for my albums of the year - such a return after a long break for the band, it feels like they are taking risks, and sharing some inner stories with you.  Was totally amazing live, too.

The mush anticipated fourth release of Sarah Blasko makes up my number 4 spot on this list, with I Awake.  We grow as Sarah grows, with every album, and this one takes up to the next stage in life after her last one.  Another one with some surprising edginess, and quite a few songs are real stand out for me, particularly towards the back of the album.

The self-titled second album from The Temper Trap round out my list this year, with a record I have played regularly with joy since it's release.

This picture is a door handle at the gift shop at Graceland, Memphis, by the way....

What albums did you love, and have listened to endlessly, this year?

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  1. I need to get Bertie's album. I listen to Black a lot. Love her.
    In all honesty I have hardly bought any new music this year. I've bought songs from iTunes, and a few albums but nothing that have stood out. I did enjoy Of Monsters and Men, and By the Horns by Julia Stone, but the other albums I've bought (Pink and Matchbox 20) have been disappointing. And so I've gone back to listening to old favourites.
    I need to hear The Temper Trap too. Their debu was wonderful and so was their live show. I heard them playing in a diner in NYC and got a bit nostalgic for them and Australia.
    Great post Tash!


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