Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Rustic Grazing

In addition to the glorious food on the Saturday of the Human Brochure weekend, we were enjoying those six courses with wine in the most gorgeous of settings.

Grazing is in Gundaroo, a tiny town outside of Canberra, and is actually in New South Wales.  We were bused out there, and it took about 40 minutes to get there from Canberra itself.

I had no idea that Canberra had a wine region.  But as lunch progressed we learnt that there is good wine made here, and that the extremes of cold Winters and really hot Summers are perfect for cultivating good wine.

We were seated out on the patio, under a canopy, and with the perfect sky and sun blazing, Australian Capital Tourism could not have asked for any better on their weekend to show off what Canberra had to offer!

There was actually a wedding being set up inside the restaurant whilst we were there, and I went in to have a peak.  Such a beautiful place for it, Grazing has the option to have the ceremony out in the garden, too.  Imagine the photos!

Between courses, many of us went for a walk through the garden, checking out the Chef's Garden, which just added to the appreciation of the meal, and provided that rustic, homely feel to the amazing meal and the setting.

This post is part of the #humanbrochure weekend to showcase Canberra as a destination, which I attended as a Plus One, with Carly Findlay.  We were part of the Food and Wine Stream, in the Australian Capital Territory Tourism initiative. 


  1. I have no excuse to not go being local and all. Looks wonderful...delicious post Tash and so lovely to meet you on the Human Brochure weekend.

    1. Well worth the drive!
      Thanks for coming over and meeting us too! Was such a great weekend for meeting people!


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