Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 5: Gigs '12

With my seemingly ever moving lifestyle for much of this year, I don't feel like I have clocked as many gigs as previous years, although the ones I have caught were pretty varied across the year.  A whole heap of bands from decades ago seemed to decide this year was a great one to do a show in Australia, and my sisters and I got to fulfill a long standing dream to see one such band this year.  The year started off with a collection of such bands for NYE, and only got better through the year.

Fleet Foxes was a gig I went to in January, and I called it as my favourite gig of the year then, because it was that good.  And true to that feeling as we walked out of that amazing show, it was definitely my top gig of the past year.

Tearing around Toronto for the NXNE Festival, just weeks into my time there, was a great introduction to the city and the music venues there. The epic and crazy set of The Flaming Lips at the main concert at Yonge and Dundas Square, makes this list, as my second favourite gig of the year.

My sisters and I nabbed tickets to Roxette the minute they went on sale, which was a show in Sydney only at that stage, to be sure not to miss a band that featured so highly in our household as we were growing up.  A super fun weekend for the gig, the concert was epic, with every song you could have wanted, and the chance for the 4 of us to dance and sing within that amazing atmosphere. Definitely a moment of 2012!

A very recent gig makes the list, being the Ben Harper show just this month.  Three hours from the man, solo, chatty, and he played every track spanning his massive back catalogue and took requests. I am so glad Springer and I grabbed tickets at the last minute to the Melbourne show.

The Temper Trap in Toronto rounds out the top 5, with a Canadian crowd loving our Aussie home boys, and their really newly released sophomore album.  This is a band I got to see twice across the year, with them featuring at half time and after the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne.


  1. I saw way more gigs last year than this year - perhaps due to my holiday. My top gig this year was Bob Evans. I'm really glad I saw INXS too :)

  2. Awesome.
    Ha - I totally just check the gigs between last years post and the start of this year....Dolly probably would have rated, and the SLK gig in the church in Melbourne....oh well, made the decision for Top 5 easier!


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