Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Magical Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is without a doubt one of my favourite bits of New York City.  Walking across it, taking in the river below and the borough of Brooklyn as it grows closer is just magical, taking in the two granite towers, and all that cable holding them in place.

I took Katie across as dusk was approaching, after we spent the afternoon at the baseball, and after we saw Kylie off back to Toronto.  We got the subway down to the closest stop, and then started the walk.

Taking in every delight of the bridge, we reached the Brooklyn end eventually, and then found our way down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to see the bridge from ground level. We sat for awhile, taking in the view of the city, as the light faded and the city lights came on. As the mosquitoes made their presence known, we walked around Jane's Carousel, which took such a battering just this month with Superstorm Sandy.

Katie and I found Bubby's for dinner on the Brooklyn side, before we started our walk back to Manhattan, this time with the full cityscape in view. The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building all lit up, as well as the new view in town being the Peace Tower, giving us the full New York City experience.

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