Thursday, November 13, 2008

80s Dancing Hen's

Last night was Dominica's Hen's night, on a school night with the wedding just a couple of days away. Guests from all over the world are in town, and her sisters had pulled off a secret plan for her special night.

Theme, according to the invite, was 80s dance gear. Jane and Evie, dressed in fluro and with hair teased, picked me up outside work, and we headed to the rendezvous park destination in St Kilda. The Hen had been dressed in 80s style bridal gear, with veil, white lace gloves, fluro yellow and black tights, and bright eyeshadow. Drinks and nibbles were served as the group of female wedding guests gathered, before we headed across the road and up a little alleyway.

Here we found the Glittery Tapping Wonderland dance studio! A little world of pink, bright colours, disco lights, and 80s music. Our group filed into the studio, as a group of young and excited dancers finished their jazz class.

An hour and a half of dancing ensued - a warm up, Wham!, moves to learn, Footloose, routines, Fame! Hilarious! Such fun! And a way to mingle your guests, and relive the adventures of the bride's, and many of our, growing up days.

After a hot and energised session in the cute, tucked away studio, we then let loose on Acland Street in our dressed up splendour! Drinks followed, when the Buck's met up with our group. Very cool to have the old Cambodia group together, with the four of us not being in the same city for several years!

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