Saturday, November 29, 2008


Last night after work, Jenny and I headed up Lygon Street to the East Brunswick Club. Having bought tickets for the show many months ago for Jenny's birthday, we were off the see Diesel.

Jenny actually saw him this year, whilst I was under house arrest, and raved about him live. Spotting this gig, I jumped at the tickets, and am quite glad I did!

Coming on at 9.30pm, and playing for the two hour set, he belted out a few new tunes, including his new release Days Like These, and then worked his way through his nine album catalogue.

Impressive guitar riffs, and awesome vocals, he belted out tracks like Tip Of My Tongue, Come Together, and Please Send Me Somebody To Love. Amazing live version of Soul Revival, plus Don't Need Love, and crowd favourite 15 Feet Of Snow.

Covers mingled into his set, including Dylan's Rainy Day Woman, and then an extended Come To Me. Encore included Crying Shame, and ending with Steal My Sunshine. A great, and talented entertainer, even better live.

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