Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One More Month


The Melbourne Myer Christmas windows are in full display, and means that it's getting very close to Xmas. This year is a progress of Santa's preparations, with this window - the first, Christmas College for Elves - being all the 'training' that goes in. Loved the department for 'Christmas Intelligence'! Also answers to questions about how Santa gets around to everyone, how they time the run to cover different cultures and countries Xmas day....

I was inspired by Nat's and Jess' posts about this years lights in London, and checking on the lights from when I was there.

The closer Xmas is, the closer I am to putting this DVT chapter behind me. Very excited for that!


  1. Love how Myer have a history of the christmas windows on their website. Very techy (although only until 2002?)

  2. On Thursday, they are setting up the Edinburgh Christmas Wonderland! There's going to be big Christmas trees, a ferris wheel, markets and an ice-skating rink!! Sooooo excited!!


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