Saturday, November 01, 2008

International Rules

Last night I organised tickets for a bunch of us from work to head to the International Rules game at the MCG. A beer in the office as we were wrapping up end of month work, we then ducked around the corner for a dirty burger (such a bad influence on these healthy people!) to get us through the night - and then Mary found another dirty burger on our walk down to the ground! How funny!

The compromised rules series has always been a bit of fun, but hasn't been played since the 2006, cos the Irish didn't like how rough it got. This year it was to be played with the Aussie lads on their best behaviour! The series of two matches started last week, with the Irish taking the first game by one point.

Eventually we settled into our seats, many with mid strength beer in hand. Taking in little bits of the game, trying to remember what the rules where, and how the scoring worked, the crowd wasn't really into it. Battling intermittent rain, the ground made the most noise for two nightie and fluro wig wearing pitch invaders, who managed quite a run across the 'G! The mexican wave had full staduim participation - always a sign that the crowd is bored.

Suddenly, mid way through the final quarter, the game was an actual contest and the crowd livened up and got right into it. The end result was a very excited Ireland taking the match by 4 points, and thus, the series.

After the game, we headed to Richmond for a drink at the Richmond Club Hotel, and then to the Great Britain for a wee pot of Piss, in former Melbourne based Irish mates form.

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  1. Hey Tash, great to see you joining in NaBloPoMo, have added you to the WTBAY list. When are we going to get to feature your blog??


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