Friday, November 28, 2008

Quang Goes Mangoes at The Empress

Last night Nicole and I met after work at one of my favourite pubs, The Empress, which also happens to be my local.

We grabbed a table, and settled in for the act that got us there, Quang Goes Mangoes. Quang Dinh from Little Red, did a solo set. Music he has written himself, all love songs of some kind, including one to his Mum. His vocal range is amazing - even when he is toasted!

Nicole and he chatted after his set, being Facebook friends and all!

Next at the bill were The Box Rockets. Little rock band of three, with the lead's Mum in the audience!

The night was actually the first of a residency for The Good China - our new band find! They were awesome! Nine people on stage, girls and guys, playing a full range of instruments. Violin was a highlight, but xylophone, maraca, recorder, and even the banjo!

The band took full rotation for lead vocals, and the range was amazing. The girls were very good. Ending their set with All Nothing, a massive number, with cute coordinated double clap with all 9 people, plus some in the audience.

Such a fun band, and certainly one I'll be looking out for now!

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