Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Intimate BookCrossing Meet Up

Last night I attended my first BookCrossing meet up in many months. We met at The Brandon, in Carlton, after a poll on the group site.

The Melbourne group has dropped off over the winter months, and last night it was a tiny dinner with Michelle, Megan and Andrew, Kris, and I.

The food, as always there, was great. I had the fish of the day, and an extra serve of veggies. Plus my mid week beer!

A couple of books were swapped, discussions about forthcoming BookCrossing events, past travel stories, and ways to bring people back to Meet Ups were all bantered around the table.


  1. Oh Tash, that sounds fun (especially for an introvert like myself!) It has inspired me to check if there's something similar in Sydney.

    Keep up the good work with the blogging! :)

  2. Hey there - the Sydney group is very well organised and active! Very good for meeting new people, and talking about books and all sorts of interesting things!


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