Tuesday, November 18, 2008

INR and Phlebotomy

Yesterday on the way to work, I submitted myself again to my fortnightly blood test. This is to check my INR level, to ensure that I am within theraputic range, and thus, that my blood is coagulating less than the average person.

I have been going to Gribbles, at the Paris end of Collins Street, in the city. Occasionally I have been to the one closer to home, although I lost faith in them after a few vein misses....hate when they dig around!!

The two older ladies in Collins Street are such cuties, and they know my name now. They bustle about, and are always receptive to me taking the piss out of myself. Up for a chat, which is great, cos it distracts from the fact that they are coming at me with a needle, and draining me of blood on a regular basis.

My rate all depends on things like, how much vitamin K rich food I have had, how many beers I have had, whether I have any bruising.... Yesterday I was 2.1, they have called me today to tell me. All good. My dosing for the next fortnight stays the same each night, and I am good to go again.

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