Monday, November 03, 2008

Waiting For The World To Change

Whilst I don't know much about American politics, and certainly even less about how their election process works, I am very eager to see the result of tomorrow's election in the USA. Given the power the US President has, and the impact his decisions can have - wars, trade, influence on other countries' policy - this election is a monumental one.

There is a site up inviting the rest of the world, who have no say, to vote and show who would win if everyone had a say in this most important decision.

When I visited and voted, the results were:
Barack Obama 86.8% (549,458 votes)
John McCain 13.2% (83,412 votes)

Total number of votes: 632,871
Countries voted from: 208

Will certainly be interesting to see how many the actual vote is decided on. Amazing that the most powerful world political entity is decided only by the people who care enough to register to vote.

Time For Change, it seems. Exciting times! If little Australia can make a change in this type of direction, this time last year, then surely so can the US...

The world is certainly holding it's breath!


  1. I guess we have to hope that 86% of Americans also vote for Obama. Sigh...definitely waiting for the world to change! Can you imagine the horror if it was McCain (since he's probably going to conk it a year in) and we get Palin instead?! Shudder!!!

  2. Voting isn't compulsory in the USA, right? And only 40% of Americans vote, right? My theory is that the rest of the world should get the votes that Americans don't want. They affect us so much so we should get a say too!


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