Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Countdown to Xmas

Not usually a very Christmas-y person, I am looking forward to this one way more than I have looked forward to Xmas....probably since I discovered Santa wasn't real!

Of course, all going well, Xmas Eve is the day I can stop taking Warfarin, after six months of regular blood tests, watching what I eat or trying to eat consistantly (whatever that means!!), and of course no or minimal drinking, for my DVT treatment.

This tree, in Swanston Street near the Town Hall, has been up since the middle of last month, which is ridiculous! Earlier and earlier every year, Xmas stuff comes out! Next year it'll be the end of footy season...and then what?

But the more, and earlier the signs this year, the closer my normal life returns! Very happy with that!

I have such plans for my not-so-graduated return to drinking! Can't wait! I mean, next to sleeping, drinking would be my Olympic sport - I am actually quite good at it! Very scared, though, about whether I will be back to drinking like when I started drinking....a two pot screamer, and getting sick. Or will I jump to that easy, reckless drinking, where you can drink, drink, drink, and never get a hangover...I think I remember a few months of that! Or whether it will be back to the hideous hangovers of my twenties....please no! Bounce back to West Indies piss fitness would be my preference, to pick up where I left off!

Bring on Xmas Eve!


  1. The Christmas tree has been up since the middle of last month? Since October? That's crazy!

  2. Crazy about the X'mas tree, isn't it? Then again, stores like Myer have been advertising Xmas products since Sept-Oct and shopping centres here in Sydney have had their Xmas trees up for about a month now.


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