Friday, November 21, 2008

Melbourne Storm-In-A-Teacup

Last night I went along to watch the girls from work compete in a grading for a new netball team competition. Nikki is a hard core netball girl, and has rallied a mixed side from work to play, for fun, on a Thursday night.

Alissa, and her crew of Dan, Lucas and Jake all crammed into the tiniest car I have ever seen, picked me up from the office and we headed out to Albert Park. Past MSAC, around the race track to the Grand Prix pits, being the venue for the Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre, and mixed midweek netball.

Full netball courts above the very site where cars are housed and repaired during the Prix, we joined Nikki, Bree, Sarah and Andy to watch a match, before the newly formed team was formed.

I had forgotten how fast netball can be! Sitting on the sidelines, as Melbourne Storm-In-A-Teacup went through their paces, and figured out how to play as a team.
This was a grading session, so the 5 point loss will determine which league the team is assigned to for the new season. But given that it was asserted that it was just for fun, it's all good.

Almost made me want to play....I mean, I was just there for moral support, and some entertainment! But was certainly a fun hit out for the group.

Amazing how much sport is going on in this little pocket of the city! For all the protestations about the changes the Grand Prix has brought to Albert Park, the injection of sports, and thus the work on the world's growing obesity crisis, can only be good.

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