Sunday, November 16, 2008

Empty House

Tonight I am sitting in an empty, echoy house, on one of the last remaining bits of furniture! Jane has just moved out in full, and it will be a week til Jenny will move in. Couch, dining room table, and my bedroom remaining...but nothing else!

I love this house, and the area, so when Jane decided it was time to move out to start planning for new things, I was keen to find a replacement. Also, given that I had offloaded most of my big and cumbersome belongings when I went off to the UK, I needed someone with a readymade house!

Jane and I have been here for a little over a year, although with her job, she hasn't really been here for many months in a row.

Jenny and I have lived together in London, in an awesome house, so things are set for another great houseshare experience. She also put me up when I was homeless here in Melbourne, so a tried and tested combination. Both having lived on our own, me for stretches recently, and Jen since she got back from London, there could be some settling in - but then January is bound to be the beginning of a fun year, with my not-so-graduated return to drinking!

Next weekend, a new chapter begins. Exciting times!

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