Friday, November 14, 2008

Walking To Work

I have started walking to work again, now that the leg is stable, and the weather is better. Starting from my bicycle path designated street, with it's green strip of grass all the way along, with massive palm trees all along, I walk past old Carlton terrace houses.

Then I reach Carlton Gardens, past the Melbourne Museum. This path leads through the little park before you reach the CBD - a little tranquil bit of green and peace before the madness of the city.

Onto the city streets, with the hustle and bustle of people going to and from work, meetings, and whatever else people are doing. Also amidst uni students rushing into class at RMIT, up near Swanston Street.

I cut into Swanston Street, passing the Library, and meander through the shopping and food area, before turning up Lonsdale Street, past Myer and Melbourne Central. Walking through the throngs of people, rushing to and from work, meetings, errands, and usually workmen at some point.

The incline up to Queen Street, and to my office building, comes just at the right time, before entering the false inside environment. A great walk in the morning, measured at just under 5kms - a grounding start to my day!

(Posted at posted time....but lost to internet gremlins, so fixed up after the big day had ended)

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