Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Taj and India

Today I should be on a day trip to Agra, India, with the Flag, to take in the mythical, beautiful Taj Mahal. This would have been after a week of cricket for the test in New Dehli...part of a little trip I had dreamed about as I was coming home from the West Indies.

But alas, work said no to another week of annual leave. But apart from that, which I would totally have argued and convinced them otherwise, after my DVT dramas, and the recovery time needed for the leg after going to Perth for the footy in August, I knew I couldn't go.

I hate that there is anything stopping me from doing something I want to do!

But the idea of getting to India and struggling with the heat and the compression stocking I need to wear on my left leg all day - thigh high, mind you! But the heat in general, and recovering from the long flights needed to get there, with leg no drinking! On a cricket trip!

The cricket got me into this mess! Not that I would take back that trip for even a minute!!

I am also mindful of the idea of flying for 8 hours and getting to say, Bangkok, and being too scared to fly on. Or back! Whilst the Warfarin is meant to prevent further clotting, from my reading on the topic in my age group, it's not 100%. Once I am off the Warfarin, I will need to self inject Clexane before and after a long haul flight - which I think, as a more active measure - will make me feel better about my fear of another DVT.

Today's cricket is actually poised for the greatest win of all time, or another draw. The third Aussie draw since Antigua. So would have missed a slow death day of cricket for the Taj....

India, plus a cricket match in India, remains high on my travel lust list! One day!


  1. Hey Tash...greetings from India! :) And you should come now because it's not hot season; now the weather is cool (and, around the Taj, even cold). Cold enough to match any Melbourne winter, let me assure you. At least in Dec/Jan it is like that. So don't fear the heat...dive in :)

  2. Mainly scared about the flying...but good tip about the season....maybe this time next year would make up for the let down of this year!


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