Saturday, November 08, 2008


Last night after a work drink, Kate, Mary and I headed to Wagamama's for dinner, preparing for a night at the theatre. We were joined by Nancy (with new baby ultrasound pics - very exciting!), and her friend Nat, and Vashali, for Japanese curry and dumplings.

Through the cold, windy streets of Melbourne, we walked back down to the beautiful Regent Theatre. Entering the amazing foyer, we made our way upstairs and were shown to our cushy seats, ready for Wicked.

The set was amazing and, as we waited for the show to start, we took in the map of Emerald City, and the huge clock face that made up the stage.

The story begins with celebrations that the Wicked Witch of the West is dead, and then Glinda the Good Witch is asked about the rumour that they were actually friends....and so the story is told of the two witches of Emerald City, before Dorothy arrived in the Wizard Of Oz.

Lots of puns about Ozians, and woven, clever references to the movie, the two leads were very strong. Anthony Callea and Rob Mills, of Australian Idol fame, were part of this production, with Millsy's talent really questionable for mine! Plus a replacement for Rob Guest, who passed away suddenly during this season, as the Wizard of Oz.

With messages about bullying, acceptance, and standing up for what you believe in, the show was engaging, even for someone like me who is not enthralled by all the singing and dancing!

The revelations about the origins of the Tin Man and the Lion were great! And sitting next to Mary, which is always an experience, who was totally in awe, was also a treat! Bless her!

A great show! Makes me want to go and hire the movie again.


  1. Thats sounds really good. No I am not a musicial type of person either but sometimes these top productions can be really good. I may get to see it hopefully! Glad you stopped by my blog. It's really good to get to know other Aussie bloggers. It's hard to find them sometimes. Must have been exciting for you to be in the middle of all the race fever down there. I love Melbourne so!!!

  2. I was reading this entry just after I got up and I was like "there is a movie of Wicked"... duh! (My brain doesn't function first thing in the morning.)

    I saw it in London and loved it too. The book is quite different apparently.


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