Friday, November 07, 2008

Nude Dude!

Last night I had a drink after work with Nude Dude! The newly proclaimed Melbourne Nude Dude ambassador, as his girlfriend, and my mate Stacey finished up at work.

In the mX the day before, Andrew was on the second page, nude, standing aloft the big purse in the Bourke Street Mall - stating that he loves getting nude, and that he celebrates his nakedness in public about 10 times a year!

He claims he was roped into this gig, after someone at work had asked for volunteers. All a bit of fun he thought, until he found himself standing on the purse sculpture at 8.30am, amidst tram and pedestrian commuter traffic! He also claims that his quotes in the article were taken way out of proprotion! So he says! He's a funny guy!

At work we had been laughing about it all day, after people had spotted Stacey's boyfriend in their free paper on the way home from work the previous evening, all part of a promotion for a website. And then he pops in to share my mid week beer (well, wine last night).

So sad to see Acey Stacey leave the company, but hopefully onto new adventures!


  1. where are the pictures?!?! An entry such as this needs pictures!

  2. Photo added, at your request! It's his Facebook pic, not the one used in the mX! I am friends with Nude Dude on Facebook! A ha ha ha ha!


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