Thursday, November 20, 2008

Melbourne's Ghost Bike

An article in today's paper told me about the Ghost Bike that has 'materialised' in the heart of Melbourne, to mark the death of a cyclist a couple of months ago.

A bike, painted all white, is chained to the Three Businessmen. I popped down just now, to see the bike amidst the hustle and bustle of people going home from work, and the endless tourists in the Mall.

In September, when Carolyn Rawlins was killed riding her bike to work along Swanston Street, there was much talk about bike safety, and the safety of having big buses along the designated pedestrian street.

The idea that someone was killed on their way to work is just too awful.

Our office was effected by this tragedy a little more, as one of my colleagues knew one of the people on the bus that hit Ms Rawlins. This is a side that has not had any publicity, and one that the general public rarely thinks about. The fact that we deal with these people, and the impact of bad things happening at work day in and day out, makes this story even more tragic.


  1. ghost bikes have been appearing in London too. I think anyone is crazy to ride a bike in London! It's such a shame it's not a bike city like so many other European cities.

  2. Very sad story, but you are right, the witnesses suffer too.

  3. Ahhh, the guy was working on the bus. Co-driver actually. So not only was Rawlins killed going to work, the driver and co-driver have to deal with the impact their work day had....hardcore.


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